How can I contact Maywan if I want to know about OEM/ODM related issues and discussion?

You can call to Maywan or write an email to us. If you want to pay a visit to Maywan in person, please call us to make an appointment and our staff will be there to serve you.

Address: No. 108-6, Bafen, Gangdongli, Xigang District, Tainan City, Taiwan 723022, R.O.C.

Phone Number 06-7961312/06-7953113

E-MAIL: maywan@hairspa.com.tw

Does Taiwan Maywan has a specialized R&D lab in Taiwan?

We have a professional R&D lab with professional researchers and precision instruments and equipment to select the ratio of active ingredients and unique certified ingredients. With the concept of "Different & Better", Maywan has developed unique and innovative technologies to provide unique formulations that meet your needs.

Is the production environment of Maywan ideal?

We are planning SOP standardized mass production process area, adopting high standard dust-free environment for production line, and strictly enforcing heavy metals, pathogenic bacteria, environmental dust and water quality testing, emphasizing on each process of cleaning and disinfection operation, and implementing self-imposed inspection mechanism. The new GMP factory was completed in 2019, therefore you can be assured to purchase a service from Maywan.

How does Taiwan Maywan perform quality control?

Maywan has built a high standard quality control laboratory to check on the quality of raw materials from the source. The raw material manufacturers are checked with COA and inspected by Maywan's professional quality control staff, as well as the semi-finished products.

The finished product will be tested for autogenous bacteria count and product stability, and the final product inspection report will be included with the shipment, so that you can have confidence in the products produced by Maywan.

Could I request to Taiwan Maywan for customized products?

We welcome customers with creative ideas, and we are willing to communicate and cooperate with you. We are looking forward to building mutual trust and friendship with you to support each other and grow together.