About Us

Services Offered By Taiwan Maywan

Maywan is a professional hair products manufacturing plant in Taiwan that uses naturally derived plant extract recipes blended with the latest technological advances, emphasizes secure consistency and simple organic products.
With over 20 years of experience in the production and sales of biotech care products, they provide high-quality products and services and help you open up the market faster.

Four Services

Taiwan Maywan provides top grade Original Equipment manufacturing and production. The production can be adjusted according to the Taiwan Maywan formula. If the business has its own formula, it can also be provided and manufactured. Their 360-degree solutions will prove helpful to you. All you need to do is concentrate on the market and the strategies involved in them.

At Taiwan Maywan, they provide options for Original Design Manufacturer (ODM) custom development and design. Until now, the company has made many successful research and development in the centre and optimum implementation. With their exceptional services, you can achieve everything you desire for your brand.

Maywan can assist you in optimum product positioning with expert consultation and guidance. With successful integration of market trends and the latest popular ingredients they create effective and marketable products.

Apart from excellent manufacturing and marketing services, they also provide the option of customised bottles and packaging for your product. The team provides assistance with design and customization services as well as implementation. In addition, they meet the criteria of a variety of dosage forms and marketing needs for the packaging to be successfully implemented.

Specialized Service Areas

The company supports and works on all types of business, research and development and marketing goals. Maywan has a highly qualified technical team with research scientists and specialized devices and machinery to conduct product development, choose the ratio of ingredients, customize unique formulations for you, and assist customers in developing their own brands for domestic and global markets.

Because of top-notch technology and continuous innovation, the service system is flexible enough to support various businesses. This is a major reason for business fulfilment and customer satisfaction from our brand.

The clients benefit from the extensive services, including beauty, hairdressing, retail, self-branding, and advertising and retail sales/micro business marketing techniques.

From large-scale mass manufacturing of products to small-batch original equipment makers, all are welcomed. This is due to their excellent manufacturing skills and our ability to complete large-scale production jobs quickly and accurately. The company also offers minimal production options, so you don't have to worry about having too much inventory when you initially start out.

Target Specific and Alterable Service for Customers with Different Market Objectives

Different market targets have different needs. Taiwan Maywan provides assistance and services for all kinds of marketing objectives and targets. They consistently expand product equations, introduce naturally occurring extracts, and refuse to use chemical compounds and scents that are toxic to humans or harm the scalp.

The company is also actively investing in several patent-pending, accurate, unprocessed, and eco-sustainable additives, and ingredients. With composition design and marketing guidance tailored to the place and space, they can assist you in immediately connecting with the market.