About Us


Taiwan Maywan is a leading manufacturer of beauty and hair care products. For twenty years, the company has been offering domestic and foreign customers OEM and ODM services for skin care, body care, and hair salon products. The company's products emphasize the pure natural organic herbal and natural plant formulas to create various products such as face mask conditional shampoos, body lotion creams etc. As a result, Maywan has been one of the top brands of the major OEM service.

The organic certification and EU patent provide the raw material to Maywan, such as Cosmos and Ecocar from the United States, Japan, France, Italy, etc. The company is also eco-friendly and cherishes the Earth's natural beauty by providing the opportunity of innovative products while also respecting the environment of the Earth. That's why the products of Maywan are natural and safe to use for hair, skin, and body.

The types of products by Maywans

Hair Salon Products

Mayan understands the market consumer preferences and provides OEM/ ODM professional-grade Hair Salon products. The company has all kinds of brand styles, whether Japanese, Western, Korean, etc. They can provide the most to meet your expectations and to fulfil the needs for hair products.


The company also creates frizzy, damaged, and split ends formulas to make hair salon products more effective. Hair-salon products are usually less irritating, milder, and reduce the burden on the scalps or hair during cleansing. The company creates such products which will meet all the expectations of the customers or hair salons.


They provide their products domestically as well as internationally with innovative adaption Technologies. The company provides products for normal hair, oily hair, damaged hair, dry hair with shampoos, hair masks, hair wax, hair styling cream, hair oil treatment, etc.

Skincare Products

Maven creates skincare products from organic herbal and natural plants. The company operates with the customer's needs of toner, serum, lotion, sunscreen, makeup removal, cleanser, and face mask. The company creates a special formula for sunscreen by non-irritating to the skin and effectively reducing UV damage. It provides a comfortable, non-sticky, refreshing, long-lasting stable effect.


The company also creates special serums and toners for anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, and anti-sensitive to provide effective formulations of stable quality. All the skin products by Maywan are beneficial and unique in their way; if we talk about face masks, then face masks are also appropriate for every skin type and skin age by providing moisturizing, oil controls, firming, brightening, and other efficient needs of the skin.

Body Care Products

OEM/ODM create special formulas for body care products to meet the endless needs of customers and the appropriate textures and feeling when using for different kinds of skin types such as dry, normal, sensitive, oily, etc.


In addition, the company cooperates with fragrance manufacturers to provide customers with a variety of options such as premium perfume, Essential oil fragrance, silky, creamy texture or fluffy mousse, etc. This all can be custom-made for customers. The body care product by the company comes in terms of body wash, hand wash, body scrubs, hand lotion, and body lotion.