About Us

About Us

Creating Infinite Possibilities for Biotech Care

Taiwan Maywan was initially started as a research and development company with a visionary of OEM and manufacture of biotech care products.

Since 1999, they have been transforming beauty care brands with their extensive research worldwide. With matchless expertise and revolutionary formulas, they develop top-notch beauty products. Over the years, the company’s customer base has grown substantially across Taiwan, Europe, America, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, etc.


The company’s primary focus remains research and development to fulfill the latest industry demands such as environmentally friendly raw materials, cruelty-free products, etc. Apart from introducing ideas and formulas, they also manufacture products by incorporating their research. Taiwan Maywan’s services & technology have gained significant popularity among customers globally.


Taiwan Maywan is one of the few companies worldwide that manufacture and promote products developed by their extensive formula market acumen.


The company emerges as an industry with rich experience in formulation development and robust sales practices. To encourage mutual development, they provide comprehensive assistance to those looking forward to their own brands or expanding their product lines, from marketing positioning to custom R&D.

Service Areas

OEM manufacturing

Taiwan Maywan provides high-end formulas curated in their specialized laboratories that guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. As they produce the best products suitable to customer requirements so that the customers can focus on the market.

ODM Customized Development

The company holds more than 20 years of R&D experience and has successfully accumulated countless ground-breaking formula databases for hair products, maintenance products, daily necessities, etc.

They proudly claim to help you achieve what you want.

Bottle Packaging Customization

The company offers a full range of bottle packaging varieties, combining aesthetics and practicality to meet dynamic market demands.

Product marketing consultation

The company has mastered the art of integrating market trends and the latest popular ingredients. Their plan for effective and marketable products can determine your first step to market.

Key Benefits

The company believes in a straightforward and effective approach by listing a few products and improving their formulas in a 100,000-grade clean room.

Constructing a chain of safe ingredients

Taiwan Maywan is known for its international standards certified EU ECOCERT/COSMOS organic ingredients and 100% natural plant extracts. Their chain of safe ingredients helps them innovate formulas to create the best quality products which are healthy and safe.

Efficient R&D Team

The company has a responsive team of experts that understands the customer demands and possesses years of training in biotechnology R&D.

Total Quality Management

Their whole process is well-monitored by SOP and all products are tested for functionality and safety while ensuring compliance with internationally accepted standards.

National Quality Certification

Taiwan Quality Assurance Golden Award

Xigang factory obtained the international certificate ISO22716

Tainan factory obtained the international certification ISO22716

Ministry of Health and Welfare voluntary Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) for cosmetic products


Apart from these, the company has been awarded the Taiwan Quality Award, ISO, and GMP certification.

Green/ Five zero(s) production, sustainable future

Taiwan Maywan aims towards a safe, secure, and sustainable future with its environmentally friendly ingredients and revolutionary formulas.

Zero harmful substances
Zero wastewater
Zero animal testing
Zero waste gas
Zero chemical fragrances